How to Build attractive image with web design for Grow Your Business 2022 updated

How am I going to dress? Am I going to put on makeup? With or without a beard? Just as we prepare ourselves to look attractive in the eyes of the expected person, that is what web design is in digital marketing .

That is why we can define what web design is , as the cover letter to attract and conquer your future clients and it is that if “the first impression is important”, its importance within your website is undeniable and it is precisely which we will talk about in this article.

  1. What is web design?

What is web design ? In terms of love, we could compare it to that good personal image that we build to impress the person we like.

Applied to your website , web design refers to the planning, creation and planning of all the web pages that make up your website, in order to improve the user experience , through the coordination of different aspects such as: appearance , structure and organization of information , usability , responsive design and more.

  1. Importance of web design

Well they say that ” There is never a second chance to make a good impression .”

This means that if the people who visit your website encounter: excessive loading time , many pop-ups or the automatic playback of videos that catch anyone off guard, they can cause total displeasure for your visitors and prevent them from coming back. new.

That is why we emphasize its importance, since many websites are created without a strategy and without taking into account the needs of the target audience from which you want to attract and capture their attention to generate conversions.

That is why the purpose of what is web design , goes beyond creating a website at an aesthetic level, but that it works correctly and can be found within the first positions within search engines.

  1. Stages of what is web design

For the success of a correct web design strategy , it is advisable to follow the following steps:

Set your goals

Before starting the strategy of what is web design , it is necessary that you establish what the objective is (why, why and when ) what you want to generate in order to be able to trace the route of your website and define the type of website that you will need to carry it out.

One of our suggestions is that you do the entire survey in a brief , a document that will help you document the entire development of the project with specifications, materials, times, among others.

Identify your ideal customer

The next step to carry out your web design strategy is to identify your target audience to help you understand what those potential customers are like and develop communication as well as content according to their needs and behaviors.

The buyer persona will help us to humanize our client by approaching them not only from a demographic perspective, but also really putting ourselves in their shoes to know in more detail how they think, what their challenges, aspirations, etc.

Analyze competition

Once this is done, we will need to be inspired, that is why the third step of what web design is , consists of analyzing websites similar to our offer in order to have a vision about what you are doing, either in: structure, strategy content, web pages, multimedia, type of links, etc.

Likewise, it is essential that in addition to recognizing what is working for them, you can identify areas for improvement that the competition has not done or has not exploited enough, to implement it within what will be your website.

Act as if you were a user, register if necessary to find out what the advantages and disadvantages of that site are, if it was easy for you to find a certain section, the data of the forms, etc.

Website architecture

Once all the information collected has been analyzed, it is time to get to work.

The architecture of the website is the organization and structuring of all information present on a website and this is the first step before conceptualizing your website.

Its purpose is to understand as much as possible where we will locate each element and its relationship that it will have with other pages.

In the end, we can ensure that it has a clear, logical and accessible order for the user and prevent them from feeling lost.

Among the most common types of structure are: hierarchical , linear , network, and linear with hierarchy .

Wireframe creation

Created, the next step of what is web design is to create the sketches of the idea of ​​what your website will be, or better known as Wireframes.

The wireframes are “a prototype” where you can view the structure and information about what they ‘ll represent in web your site, such as navigation buttons, blocks of content, navigation and more, ie where they will be placed each The elements.

Its graphic representation is the simplest, fonts or colors do not intervene, since its purpose is to have a template to have something more tangible and easy to visualize .


The funniest part has arrived and one of the most time-consuming: the design. It is at this stage of what is web design where all the aesthetic part is seen : typography, color palette, visual content, titles, everything.

The idea is to transmit the essence of the brand and make it attractive to our visitors as it will be the first impression they will see, that is why each element that will make up the visual identity must be chosen conscientiously and constantly throughout the site. to reinforce branding.


Communication strategy

What is the way your brand will communicate with your audience? Inspirational, positive, happy, sarcastic way?

Remember that the purpose is to attract the attention of visitors, make them fall in love and convey our personality to them. Nobody likes boring, lifeless or personality less texts. Once done, you should structure them so as not to present large blocks of text that are difficult to read.


When you create a website you speak to two people: your target audience and Google.

That is why within your content you will have to apply SEO techniques to choose the best keywords that will help you position your website within the first positions of search engines.


Before launching your website, it is necessary to do the corresponding tests to see that each link works correctly.

For example, that the visualization is correct for any device, that if there are files to be downloaded, they are working correctly, if you can access other pages of the site, if there is a broken link, etc., all in order for the launch to be successful. .


This last stage is one of the most important that many companies skip, and this is because once created, they do not bother to update, improve or adapt it to new trends that emerge in digital marketing .

That is why the last step to create a strategy of what is web design , is that every certain time, it is necessary to do a check in order to improve the experience of our visitors.

  1. Benefits of having a good web design

Now that you know what web design is and its characteristics, it is time to present its benefits:

Make a good first impression

As we mentioned at the beginning, the first impression you show to your visitor will be the most important because it is what they will always associate with your brand.

If its look and feel (the feeling that the person perceives of how it looks and how it feels to be on your website) is positive, you will surely want to go through each page of your website, increasing the chances of conversion.

On the contrary, if it is negative, it may not return to your website anymore.

Greater competitiveness

Having a website puts you in the same position as your other competitors but having a good web design puts you one step ahead of them.

If within your website you contemplate different aspects such as functionality, aesthetics, compatibility with other devices, etc., your site will be destined for success and will be a differentiator to stand out from other companies.

Greater sales opportunities

Having a good web design should be seen as an investment and not an expense, since having a well-made website not only causes more people to visit it, but the opportunities to generate conversions are greater.

You standardize your website

The moment you choose a content structure for what your website is, you can standardize it for other web pages, saving you time from cracking your head on how to present certain information.

In addition, that uniformity will help your visitor to recognize you as a constant.

Your site will be in the first positions

One of the fundamentals of what is web design is based on how well your website is optimized and that is that people who usually look for an answer to their problem or need, tend to focus their attention on the first places of their search engines. search.

That is why by implementing the correct SEO techniques, you can improve the ranking of your website and generate more traffic from potential potential customers.

Decrease the bounce rate of your website

Currently Google is the search engine most used by people, that is why we need to explain a little how it works. Imagine that Google acts as a judge where it establishes which pages will go to the beginning based on a series of parameters.

One of them is the level of engagement , which in simple words is the level of engagement and interaction that a user has with a web page. If the person is on your website and decides to leave without taking any major action, Google identifies this as a bounce rate.

That is why the moment you decide on everything that covers web design , allow your visitors to want to explore everything your website offers.

You truly convey the essence of your brand

Let’s be honest, no matter how much advice we receive from the “nephew who does the canvas”, or from the person who “knows colors”, only an expert in the area will be able to transmit the essence of your brand in all the aesthetic aspects that the design implies. Web.

Once defined, you can show a design consistent with your brand and generate that recognition and communication with your visitors.

You build trust

Our website can act as an extension of our own brand. If a person finds that your website is professional, updated, structured , that is the image they will have of your brand and it will transmit the confidence of wanting to contact you or buy from you.

Imagine that you go to a restaurant and you find dirt on the floors, crawling animals, cooks without good hygiene. No matter how good the food is, you will be clouded by what you see with the naked eye. The same goes for your website.

You can easily make integrations

As you well know, within digital marketing everything is volatile. Surely some section of what your website is, will need some change or will require some integration in the future.

That is why if from the base of your website it is well done, it will be easier and faster to do them.

  1. Elements that make a seductive web design

We are sure that you have already marveled at all the benefits that web design implies , now is the time to talk about the characteristics that a web design must meet, so that it is charming in the eyes of your clients.

Ready to check that your website complies with all of them?

Responsive design

Many of your visitors will enter your website through various means, be it on their phone, computer or tablet.

For this reason, it is important that the design of your website adapts to all types of digital devices so that no matter what device they use from, they can view your content correctly and navigate optimally .


When your prospects enter your website easily find what they are looking for? Does it cause them to want to stay?

Usability is responsible for ensuring that user navigation within your website is pleasant , easy and intuitive in order to stay longer or return again.

Some aspects that intervene are: that there are no broken links, that when browsing your website it is safe, that the person can move to a certain place in less than three clicks (rule of 3 clicks), not abuse the pop-ups, etc.

That is why the best way to measure the usability of your website is asking people outside your company to carry out certain actions , such as: downloading a file, going to a certain page, buying a product and offering you a retro on how was the process.

When you get this feedback, you can implement the improvements within your website.


When you write a love letter, do you fill out the entire text sheet? Surely you will opt for paragraphs so as not to bore that person, right?

If we translate it into marketing about what web design is , scannability is the action that a visitor takes to look at your website quickly and generate an idea of ​​what it will be about.

This is very common when people are looking for information related to a problem and will come across dozens of blogs along the way. It is there, when a visitor will enter a website and scroll quickly to be convinced if the content will serve them or be to their liking.

To ensure good scannability, the following is recommended:

  • Avoid large paragraphs of more than 4 lines because they cause fatigue and tiredness when reading.
  • Use bullets as important statements or to outline data.
  • Implement the titles and subtitles to make it easier to identify the sections of what you are telling.
  • Employ the use of bold and italic words to highlight important words.
  • Use visual aids to make the information more digestible.

Visual contents

Within what is web design , visual aids serve to accompany and make the information presented in the texts more enjoyable.

However, it is necessary to take care of certain aspects such as:

Avoid that the images are pixelated.

That they don’t weigh more than 200 KB so as not to slow down the speed of your website.

Do not abuse stock photos so as not to detract from confidence.


One of the most important aspects of what is web design is the use of the typography that we will choose to communicate with our audience, since it will define our personality and identity within the website.

Among the characteristics that you must take into account when choosing one, is that they are: readable and attractive for your user, that is why this process should take a little time because it will be the pillar of your communication.

For instance: 

Thick : Normally used to highlight a part of a text, but it can be used in different cases and gives a feeling of strength or as a point of reference.

Light or thin: It is normally used for longer texts so as not to make the reading heavy, but it gives a delicate appearance and depending on the type of letter it can give a touch of elegance.

Round: Thanks to their soft shape, they give a close look, it is used for children’s projects or those that focus on a close relationship with the client.

Square: This type of typography is considered elegant, in addition to giving a formal and strong look.

You should also take care of aspects such as font size, do not use more than 3 different fonts, and avoid the greater use of capitalized texts that may suggest that you are yelling at the reader.

If visiting other websites, you have fallen in love with a typeface style and want to know what it is, within google extensions , download Fonts Ninja and install it.

When you are within the website of your interest, activate it, hover over the text that you fell in love with and you will have the font, size and even color.

Color palette

When it comes to meeting someone, how important is personal image! It is usually a reflection of your personality , and it can project a good or bad image.

The same happens when choosing the color palette that will be present on your website, since it will form part of your brand identity and will be a determining factor in influencing our visitor since colors are usually associated with different emotions.

Within what is web design, it is important that you know that there is a science called Color Psychology , dedicated to the study of the power that colors have over the human mind and how they manage to persuade us to do a certain action or transmit certain emotions.

Wait time

Going back to dating, how long do you think is considerable for the person to wait for you? Zero! truth? This can ruin our image and can change the perspective your date had on you.

The same happens when the prospect enters your site, how long are you making him wait? Therefore, the waiting time is a characteristic that you must take into account for a better performance of what is web design .

According to statistics, the ideal loading time is 2 seconds, and the maximum time that people usually wait is 3 to 5 seconds, after that limit, they tend to leave the website, resulting in money leaks for the company.

Some actions you can do are: minimize the size of the images you use, debug plugins that you do not require on your website, invest in good quality hosting, etc.

If you want to analyze the speed of your website, GTMetrix is one of the tools that will help you.

  1. Areas involved in web design

As you may have noticed, this task requires the expertise of several experts in the area for the success of your website.

To begin, you will need a person who is in charge of coordinating the entire work team and who is dedicated to gathering all the relevant information to better control all the activities of each team.

Once you’ve found that project leader , it’s time to gather the other members, such as:

Content creation specialists 

Create texts that attract attention, fall in love and create a connection with the audience.

SEO Strategist

As we mentioned before, we also write for search engines, which is why an SEO strategist will be able to identify those keywords necessary for your website to rank in the first results.

Web designer

The person in charge of creating the entire structure and the aesthetic part according to the objectives and personality of the brand.


The person in charge of ensuring that your website is on the internet, working at full capacity, and of ensuring its future maintenance.

  1. Conclusion

We have reached the end of this blog and we hope you have enjoyed it as much as we did, but above all that it has become clearer to you: what is web design and that beyond aesthetics, take care that a site is working correctly .

Heeding the aforementioned, we are sure that you will have a greater probability that people will always return to your website because you have managed to focus on the most important thing: improving their experience , and this in the long run is reflected in better sales opportunities in the future.

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