How To Integrate Pinterest Into Your Marketing Strategy in 2022

Pinterest is now a secondary option in the content marketing strategy of many companies. This is due to the widespread perception that it is primarily a social network used to plan dream weddings or celebrations, or save craft projects and recipes that we will never do.

However, Pinterest offers much more , and it is thanks to this social network that we can increase traffic to the web, increase sales and even improve our SEO positioning.

According to Hootsuite data, Pinterest already has 322 million active users per month, increasing 29% compared to 2019, with the majority being women (72%) between the ages of 25-34.

Another interesting fact is that 84% of users make use of it when they are deciding what to buy or looking for a change.


Pinterest is an ideal platform to gain brand reputation, and unlike other social networks, the images you share have a longer lifespan.

You must take into account several aspects to succeed on the platform:

-Create original pins that stand out. It is advisable to superimpose striking texts within the image to attract more attention. It is also important to respect the measurements of the images (2: 3/1000 x 1500 px), since most of the users consume Pinterest through their devices.

-You must have a constant aesthetic . What attracts the attention of Pinterest, or is characterized by something, is to have a harmony in its pins and collections, which give you that visual pleasure when you enter and see everything so ” clean ”.

– Share videos . Video content is becoming more popular on Pinterest and getting great results. In addition, you can reuse the content that you have already used on other social networks.

– Create boards . Within each board you can order all the pins that are related to each other, even create sub-boards that allow better organization. This will make your profile more attractive and consistent, facilitating the search and hooking the user with the content. To do this, you must create a prior organization strategy.

– Limit the activity to 30 pins per day : try not to exceed the recommended number, if you exceed it you can be penalized for irrelevant content and spam.


To get your content to have more visits and your business to gain visibility on the platform, you have to optimize your Pinterest profile. Here are some tips to achieve it:

– Biography . Pinterest gives you the option to incorporate 160 characters. Take advantage of them to define your business in the best possible way by incorporating the keywords by which you are going to define yourself.
Here you can also add a link. Choose it according to the objective you want to achieve on Pinterest: subscriptions, followers in RRSS, visits to your website, visits to the blog, etc.

– Highlight boards . Pinterest gives you the option to highlight five boards. To do this, select the most relevant ones that have worked for you with your own pins. As a suggestion, go changing them frequently so that they do not become obsolete and thus have the profile updated.

– Description of the pins . This is one of the important parts for your positioning on Pinterest. Add attractive descriptions to your own pins. Don’t forget to incorporate keywords and hashtags to help your positioning on Pinterest. A very useful tool for this is Pinterest Trends , which allows you to discover user search trends, although it does not return data for all countries.

One thing to keep in mind is that descriptions of between 100 and 200 characters are more popular and obtain a higher percentage of engagement.
For their part, hashtags will help your publication reach a greater number of users through search trends, so they have to be related to the image so that the user ends up accessing the profile to browse the rest of pins.

– Add a link to your pins . This is the fundamental pillar for a marketing strategy on Pinterest, since it will generate traffic to your website. It is important to link each of your own pins to your website or to a certain product.

In addition to positioning on Pinterest, the social network also gives you the opportunity to advertise on the platform thanks to Pinterest Ads .
Investing in promoting your pins can help you achieve faster growth. In addition, the price of advertising on Pinterest is cheaper than on other social networks.


Pinterest gives you the ability to measure the results you are getting and thus discover which pins are generating the most traffic or if your ads are working. In this way you will know which route to choose in your strategy.
Within your space for companies you will find an Analytics section that collects very interesting data:

– Impressions . It is the number of times your pins were shown on the screen.

– Total audience . Shows the total number of people who have seen or interacted with your pins.

– Engagements . This includes how many times pins have been saved, how many closeups, how many clicks on the link, or how many times a pin carousel has been slid.

– Public captured . Number of people who have interacted with your pins.

There is also other very interesting data for your marketing strategy on Pinterest. In information about the public , find out who is the audience you reach and who is interested in your business. You can see which categories are most interesting, which ages they comprise, the gender and the country they come from. On the other hand, in Conversion information you will know the total influence of your pins and ads on revenue and other conversion metrics.

Ultimately, Pinterest is an ideal search platform to integrate your marketing strategy and thus gain brand recognition and traffic to the web, which will translate into more sales and benefits.

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